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I accept Blue Cross Blue Shield Insurance and Fee for Service.

    I take a non-judgmental approach and an active role in psychotherapy, leading clients through goal setting, building their own toolbox, and developing practices of self-compassion, self-care, and mindfulness. In psychotherapy I work with people or family member of people with eating disorders anxiety disorders mood disorders relationship issues grief life changes I use a variety of strategies and treatment approaches including ​Acceptance and Commitment Therapy Cognitive-Behavioral Treatment Dialectical Behavioral Treatment Exposure and Response Prevention Family Based Therapy Mindfulness-based approaches Psychodynamic psychotherapy Relational therapy When treating individuals with eating disorders, I use a treatment team approach. In addition to individual psychotherapy, treatment teams may include nutrition therapy, medical monitoring, psychopharmacology, family therapy, or other treatment modalities.
    I provide individual supervision for psychotherapists and dietitians who want to learn the specialty of treating patients with eating disorders in an outpatient setting. The focus of the supervision includes: decoding the mental processing and behaviors of people struggling with eating disorders developing the strategies to help patients build their toolbox for recovery using your treatment team choosing the right level of care clarifying boundaries in treatment building a relational connection between the therapist and patient
    I provide case consultations for people who: are looking for a psychological assessment related to eating disorders/disordered eating are newly diagnosed with an eating disorder and not sure what direction to turn for treatment have an eating disorder and seemed to have stalled short of full recovery have an eating disorder and are in crisis and are considering next steps for treatment
    I co-authored a primary prevention program and have spoken on topics such as: obesity and eating disorder prevention at schools, parent organizations, and professional conferences eating disorder treatment at professional conferences
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